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Short training courses


Life cycle assessment of electronic products

Training objective

Perform a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) on specific electronic products, with a close focus on the results, taking into account environmental criteria (carbon, solid waste, water and abiotic resources).

Duration :

2 days

At the end of the course, participants will be able to :
  • Identify the conceptual foundations of the LCA tool
  • Define the objectives and scope of the study
  • Collect LCA data using inventory methods
  • Evaluate the environmental impacts of a product's manufacture, use and end of life
  • Analyze and compare LCA results according to various scenarios
  1. LCA fundamentals and key stages of ISO 14040 and ISO 14044
  2. Objectives, scope and functional units
  3. Life cycle inventory and data collection for LCA of an electronic product
  4. Environmental impact assessment
  5. Analysis, scenarios and interpretation of LCA results


Pedagogical means and methods 

Alternating theoretical and practical courses.

Experimentation in small groups with real-life situations.

Detailed course material, available for consultation during and after training.


Evaluation and results
  • Learner satisfaction
  • Learning assessment with feedback during the session
  • Validation through the issue of a training certificate
Target audience
  • Engineers or managers with experience in electronics, senior technicians
  • Anyone interested in integrating LCA skills for electronics into their professional practice


  • Basic knowledge of electronics
Session organization
  • Site : INSA RENNES
  • Training fees : contact us
  • 8-10 participants. A minimum number of participants is required to open a session.


  • 2 days (14h)


Training team

Lecturers in the Electronics and Industrial Computing Department (EII) at INSA Rennes

Information and registration

INSA Rennes

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